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I.M. Heart by Sue P. McDaniel
I.M. Heart, a self-help book by Sue P. McDaniel

I have a wonderful beating heart just bursting with feelings. The story of I.M. Heart is about living with these feelings.

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Living from my heart means that I notice, accept and live with my feelings, instead of ignoring or hiding from them. I have feelings — all kinds of them!

Some are happy, warm, and loving, others are grumpy, anxious and fearful. Some are sunny and bright and some are raw and dark. They are still all my feelings.

We all live with feelings. They influence my choices, behavior, work, play and relationships. They tell us what we really want, value and like or dislike. Feelings tell us what is important to us — our gauge for how life is going for us minute to minute each day. I.M. Heart is about connecting, healing and living life to the fullest.

About the author

Sue P. McDaniel, author of I.M. Heart

Sue P. McDaniel, PhD

Sue McDaniel, the author of I.M. Heart, is a teacher with experience at all levels of education. She has developed training materials and delivered programs for government agencies, businesses, and organizations at the state, national and international level. Other professional experience includes research, development, and state agency governance.

From 1992 to 1999, Dr. McDaniel coauthored Learning, Changing and Leading: Keys to Success in the 21st Century, with Chet Dixon, which was used as a teaching tool by the state of Missouri.

Sue loves animals, nature, art, painting, music, reading, books and the outdoors. She volunteers in her community and helps others write books.

McDaniel established Alternative, LLC in 2009 with a mission of "creating possibilities for the future," through books, workbooks and teaching. She believes we either limit or increase our opportunities by our beliefs, attitudes, feelings and thoughts. It is only when we are brave enough to notice, accept and heal ourselves from the inside out that we can achieve our real freedom, peace, joy and potential. We have conquered many frontiers. The one yet to be discovered is the power of the feelings of the heart.

I.M. Heart, Sue's first solo publication, is a spiritual, self-help book that emphasizes healing feelings that are rooted in fear and opening your heart to those rooted in love. This book is for anyone who is willing to take an honest look at the feelings that live in their hearts.

Innocent, yet wise, I.M. Heart represents our guide to understanding ourselves. Deep down, everyone is I.M. Heart, because everyone feels regardless of differences in culture, race, gender and age. Feelings are what binds us all together as one. I.M Heart is both student and teacher of those feelings. We learn from I.M. Heart to listen to ourselves as the student and the teacher in our own lives.

What others say about I.M. Heart

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"A light went on. I felt alive, not dead. This book touches a place where you learn to feel. Most people don't feel anymore."
—Terry T.

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"I am over 70 years old and had never thought about this. I wish I could have known sooner."
— Albert C.

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"This book is easy to read, like having a conversation with I.M. Heart."
— Abby M.

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"I thought there was something wrong with me. I didn't know that everyone has feeling like I do."
— Mary S.

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"Self-love is a huge issue for me — almost a reason to stop reading, but little do we realize that self-love is a part of us. I just didn't have a name for it."
—Morgan R.

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"The ideas in I.M. Heart saved my life."
—Barb J.

Media Interviews with I.M. Heart

Hosted by Sue McDaniel
I.M. Heart Radio

The show airs weekly at 7:00 p.m. EST each Wednesday on BBM Global Network or you may listen to any or all published episodes.

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Jim Masters, award-winning television and radio host, interviews author Sue McDaniel.

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The Open Heart Speaker Series for your school, church or business

Living As I.M. Heart: From Book To Reality

Learn 10 ways to live with heart. This means we live with all our feelings, accepting all, releasing the ones based in fear and accepting the many gifts coming from love. Join I.M. Heart in this journey to love more and fear less.

Feelings 101

Stop, look, and listen to yourself. Your feelings are talking to you – or at least they're trying to. Are you listening? Many of us deny or ignore how we feel, but feelings still hang around and trying to talk to us. Feelings affect our choices and actions, every day all day long. Learn some ways to begin opening your heart to your feelings.

Banging My Head Against the Wall

Why is life so hard? It's just not fair! All these horrible things just keep happening to me! If you are banging your head against the wall, this is for you. Learn how you might be sabotaging yourself, and what you can do to change that negative pattern so that you can achieve the life you want.

Who Am I?

Open your heart to listen to what it feels. It wants to get acquainted with you and to share what it knows about your deepest hopes and fears. It wants to connect with you, to help you heal those feelings that hurt, and to show you the unlimited love that is there for you. Learn how to open your heart to your own feelings.

Connecting to Others (heart-to-heart)

Family and friends can provide the richest blessings in our lives — or they can be the biggest dramatic nightmare. Most often we cannot change others, we can change how we respond to them. This requires that we open our hearts to understanding, compassion, and acceptance of each other. Learn ways to connect in a more meaningful manner and how to let go of what doesn't change.

Turn on Your Heart Light

Our hearts are our connection to the divine spirit — the energy of God's love. This love has been and always will be there for us. In this love, we can heal the bruises and scars of living. This light offers peace, compassion, joy, freedom and a love that is so powerful and pure. It feels unbelievable and yet it is very real. Learn how to open your heart to the light of divine spirit.

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